Website Optimization

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I have three basic tiers to help get your website performing well.

I optimize and maintain your website so you don’t have to! I have 3 basic tiers for our services. You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have me take a look at your site and let you know what the price would be for each tier, and which tier I would recommend.


With this plan I will provide business owners with all of the information they need in order to drive more traffic to their website. From there the owner uses this information to implement any changes or edits on their own. Basically, I provide you with a checklist of “website to-do’s” and you complete the work. Below is an example of the types of search engine optimization included in this tier.

  • Technical SEO
    This is where I make sure your website is being seen (crawled and indexed), that meta descriptions and titles are present, looking over the flow of your site architecture, verifying that your site is mobile-friendly, testing page speed, and more. Optimizing the technical aspects of your site is vital to assure your website is as visible as possible.
  • Keyword Research
    It is important to be using the correct keywords in your content to reach your goals. I research what keywords you should use when writing content for your website.
  • Topic Research
    Topic research refers to the content that you should be including on your website. This goes hand in hand with keyword research. As I develop your list of keywords, I will also be generating ideas for written content.
  • Monthly Website Backup
    With the prevalence of malware today, it is more important than ever to have working backups of your website. Re-building a website is time consuming and expensive, having a backup is vital for when issues arise.
  • Monthly Report
    This report will give you access to data, such as, how many users visited your site and what they did while there. Knowing what is working and what isn’t is invaluable. Keeping a close eye on this report will help you make sure you’re not wasting any time or energy. In addition, each month I will send you recommendations of what you should focus on to build your site and grow your business.
  • Support
    I am always available to answer any questions you may have and help solve any problems that arise with your search engine visibility.

This tier is great for informational websites, blogs, or small businesses looking to optimize their websites on a budget.

Coaching Plus

With this tier I will provide all the data from our Coaching tier (with our help in getting it done), plus more advanced metrics, ideas for creating content, on-page seo, social media coaching, and more. Coaching Plus is the tier most commonly chosen by business owners who want to be told what to do to improve their website’s visibility AND want help getting it done.

  • Includes all of the Coaching tier
  • Targeted Content Coaching
    The idea behind targeted content is to specifically research what kind of content you should be writing in order to increase traffic to your website. This may include ideas inspired by looking at your competitors, topic research suggestions, and sometimes simply our own brainstormed epiphanies.
  • Keyword Research
    Here I dive even deeper into keyword research, providing you with not only a list of the keywords you should be targeting, but also showing you where on your website you should be including your keywords and help you avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Page Editing
    This is like an editor for all the content on your website. I will look at each page and suggest changes in order to make every bit of content as optimized as possible. The goal is to have all the pages on your website focused on content that generates leads.
  • Conversion Tracking
    Knowing where your success is coming from is powerful. I will set up your website to track your wanted conversions and optimize the website based on the resulting data.
  • Backlink Check
    This includes toxic link removal, finding missing links, and checking competitors links. The health of your backlinks is an important ranking signal for search engines.
  • On-Page SEO
    This is a fancy way to say I make sure all title tags are relevant, headings are following the appropriate hierarchy, meta descriptions are in step with title tags and include the right keywords, image alt attributes are correct, and etcetera.
  • Structured Data
    I will edit the site to include structured data with the goal of getting into the featured snippets area, giving your website the best visibility.
  • Social Media Coaching
    If you are not already on social media, I will get you fully connected and provide suggestions as to what kind of content you should be posting to drive customers to your website.

This tier is ideal for small businesses, boutiques, and other local retail shops. With the many changes current business owners are facing due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Coaching Plus tier is a great choice for businesses wanting to shift lead generation and sales from a walk-in focus to their websites.


This tier includes all of the Coaching Plus tier (with an emphasis on optimized content), as well as, the creation (or expansion) of digital media. The Visible Deviation tier allows us the opportunity to really delve into a business owners website and do the work necessary to see increased traffic, higher search rankings, and ultimately more conversions. While I do most of the work, the business owner is kept up to date with monthly reports.

  • Includes all of the Coaching Plus tier
  • Content Creation
    Coming up with relevant content for a website isn’t easy. Creating relevant and optimized content even less so. I will take some of the load off, offering between 1-2 keyword rich and apt articles, blogs, or similar writing per month.
  • Blog Maintenance
    A weekly (or even monthly) blog can be a great opportunity to refresh your website with new content. A blog allows search engines to find new material on your website. A blog allows you to try out new or old keywords in different ways. I will help create an original blog, generate blogging ideas, and keep it up to date with pertinent information.
  • Social Media Upkeep
    With so much of life connected via social media platforms, it is crucial your business’s online presence reaches beyond the search engine results page. Your website should be on every available platform including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The creation and upkeep of your social media profile may sound overwhelming but given it’s relevancy, it should take a top priority in your business marketing. I can help you set up and maintain all of your business’s social media accounts.
  • Digital Media Creation
    Video content is an excellent way to keep your website mainstream and highlighted on search engine result pages. Current photos of your brick and mortar, pics of a recent community event, videos of the work you actively do are all superb ways to stay present with search engine optimization. I offer suggestions for photo and video media creation and photography/videography options for actually making the content.