Boise Website in a Week

$5000 Website In A Week Service

You are a small business owner and want a website that converts visitors to leads.

You don’t have the time or energy to keep track of all the things your business needs to do online.

You know you can use a service like wix or square or shopify to create a site, but you don’t want to spend endless hours researching what platform is best for you and figuring out how to use all the tools.

You want your website to be clean and neat, but you don’t want anything fancy.

You want somebody who cares about your success to guide you through the process.

And you don’t want to spend all your money right away.

I’ve done the research. I know all the things that need to be done for visitors to find you online. I know how to create a website that will turn visitors into clients. I have structured my pricing so you can invest in your website over time. I care about your success. And I’m a nice guy.

Hire me and together we will create your website in one week.

But it doesn’t end there. I’m not a designer or web developer or brand consultant that completes the contract and then disappears. I want to help you every month for as long as you want to build your business online. I have multiple plans so you can invest in your internet presence over time which gives you better results than a getting everything online at once.

Speaking of time, it doesn’t take much when you work with me.

I make it simple.

One day working together and we can get all the content needed to create a site that converts.


I want my $5000 website, please.

What do you get for $5000 (or the equivalent of a cheeseburger in these inflationary times)?

  1. A standard 5 page website
    • Home page
    • Service page
    • Contact page
    • About page
    • Other page (Pricing, FAQ, Blog, Informational, Landing page, etc)
  2. Some photos we take during our day working together. I’m not Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, but I do shoot in manual mode.
  3. A short video recorded with a decent camera for use on the website.
  4. Google business page created.
  5. Social pages created if you would like.

What does our week working on the website look like?

  1. Get the website domain name. I recommend letting me know what website you want so I can grab this before build day.
  2. Filling out the workbook. This can be filled out ahead of time if you would like. But if you need help, just wait till our build day.
  3. Homepage content creation
  4. Service page content creation
  5. About Us page content creation
  6. Contact page content creation
  7. Other page (pricing, FAQ, etc) content creation
  8. Take some photos! Shoot some video!
  9. Google business page created
  10. Social pages created if you would like them
  11. You’re done! I will now go back to the office and tweak the design of the website so it is clean and tidy.

It is a lot to complete in a week, but with some good nutrition and some extra coffee, we will get through it all and feel very accomplished by the end.

Want some changes the next day? No problem! I’ll make edits where it is needed so you are happy with the results.

Website Optimization Packages

Now it is time to make your website be seen by potential customers. This process is a long one. It isn’t a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race.

I have 4 monthly plans to help you keep your online presence growing. All of my plans are month-to-month with no contract.

  1. Bare bones $30 a month. This is just hosting for your website, an SSL certificate, and the peace of mind of knowing that I am just a phone call (or text or email) away. Need email services for your website? Weekly backups? That is $50 a month + $10 per user for email.
  2. Bootstrapping plan $500 a month. This is for the business owner that wants to do all the things themselves to save some money but wants some guidance on what things are the most important. I provide everything from the bare bones plan + technical optimization + topic ideas for content + a ranking report. I only recommend this plan if you are good at completing boring tasks that don’t have an immediate payoff.
  3. Do-it-for-me plan $2500 a month. I’ll request some information I need then use it to create new content, optimize that content, and track conversions. Everything from the bootstrapping plan is also included.
  4. All the things plan $5000 a month. This is if you are really serious about your online presence. This is best for businesses that have high ticket items with good margins. It includes all of the do-it-for-me plan + more content creation + blog content creation + social media management + media content creation (photos and videos).
  5. I also can work with you to create a custom plan. We can discuss what you need the most and work out a price.


I want my $5000 website, please.