I will provide you with a website that allows your clients to find what they are looking for, looks great on all devices, and is loved by google and other search engines. My websites are easy to update, making it ideal for businesses looking to build a helpful website over time. I am easy to work with, contact me for a free consultation to start!


My specialty is creating websites for small businesses looking to make the leap to the web. I understand how important the budget is for small businesses, so I work with you to create a package that makes sense for you.


I work quickly to get your website up and running with most projects completed in a week. I also host your website on my fast server so your clients don’t have to wait for the page to load.

Built For Users

I do not build websites to win “prettiest website” contests. I design websites to provide their users with value as quickly as possible. This value-driven design is rewarded by visitors that stay to convert to clients.

Mobile Friendly

I use industry-standard tools to create websites that look good on every device. Whether your customers are on their phones, iPads, or computers, your website will look awesome.

SEO’d. Really.

A lot of companies claim their websites are built with SEO in mind, but only a few actually provide a properly optimized finished website. I provide search engine optimized sites, because what use is a website if it is never found?

A Helping Hand

I feel the most important thing I bring to the table is my willingness to help you achieve your website goals. I understand how daunting the whole process can be, and I am here to help you through the maze to the amazing website you want.


I optimize and maintain your website so you don’t have to! I have 3 basic packages available, but I can also create a custom package just for you. You can contact me to have me take a look at your site and let you know what I would recommend

Technical SEO

This is where I make sure your website is being seen (crawled and indexed), that meta descriptions and titles are present, looking over the flow of your site architecture, verifying that your site is mobile-friendly, testing page speed, and more. Optimizing the technical aspects of your site is vital to assure your website is as visible as possible.

On-Page SEO

This is a fancy way to say I make sure all title tags are relevant, headings are following the appropriate hierarchy, meta descriptions are in step with title tags and include the right keywords, image alt attributes are correct, etcetera. 

Keyword Research

It is important to be using the correct keywords in your content to reach your goals. I research what keywords you should use when writing content for your website.

Structured Data

I will edit the site to include structured data with the goal of getting into the featured snippets area, giving your website the best visibility. 

Conversion Tracking

Knowing where your success is coming from is powerful. I will set up your website to track your wanted conversions and optimize the website based on the resulting data. 

Content Creation

Coming up with relevant content for a website isn’t easy. Creating relevant and optimized content even less so. I will take some of the load off, offering between 1-2 keyword-rich and apt articles, blogs, or similar writing per month. 

About Me

My Process

Hi! I’m Nathan.

I have been a perfectionist, entrepreneur, and digital creator since the age of 10. My background includes photography, Mac repair, data recovery, website design, business creation and consultation, and now, website optimization.

I know a little bit about a whole lot in the tech world. I am a driven and creative individual who values and understands the importance of excellent customer service. 



I will ask questions about your business and your goals to figure out the best way to approach your project.



I will create the needed elements to reach your goals.



The process of building a great site never ends. With my monthly plans I will continue building your project towards success.