Website Design Service

If your website isn’t built yet, I can help build your site! Just fill out my website quote form to receive your free website design quote. I specialize in small and medium local business sites and truly enjoy working with people to create a site that ranks well on search engines as well as converts viewers to customers.

What I know

I have a bachelors degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. About 3/4 of the way through my degree I wished I had focused completely on Marketing as it intrigued me so much. I truly enjoy it.

I graduated in early 2009, which was not the best time to look for a job, so I decided to focus on building my own small business doing Apple computer repair. The knowledge I have gained during my time as a small business owner has made me uniquely positioned to understand website creation from all angles.

I am not a coder or graphic designer, these are two functions I outsource when needed, but in my experience content focussed websites perform the best and do not require heavy coding or graphic design to create.

What I Use

I use WordPress as the content management system and prefer to use the WordPress built in editor whenever possible to make updates in the future easier for anyone. My goal is to give you a site that you are able to update yourself if you want. The best sites are sites with fresh and quality content, so making it easy to update is very important.

Some website creators use custom code and lots of plugins to achieve the functionality they are going for. This helps lock the customer into paying for your services more over time. I prefer to create simple sites that rank well and are easily kept up to date by anyone. In my experience customers come back to me because of the quality of my work, not because they are not able to update their own sites when I have completed them.

Website Design Focused On Ranking And User Experience

My websites are user friendly and provide the information your customers are looking for so you can receive the maximum amount of leads from your site.

A lot of sites look great, but they don’t provide an easy way forward for the visitor. Or they have hard to understand navigation when you are looking for a particular product. I utilize my knowledge of good UX (user experience) principles to create a site that is a joy to use.

A website can be valuable without ranking high in search results by giving good information to customers that are preexisting. But my goal is to create a site that will rank well on Google and other search engines to provide you with new customers. After years of studying and applying SEO principles, I am able to provide a website that is built to be search engine friendly.

Content Creation

Quality content is extremely important for your website to achieve the desired results. With an eye on marketing I will help you decide what content should be published on the site so visitors seeking your product will find you first.

Visual elements on your site are not as important for search engine ranking, but they are invaluable when used to capture the attention of your visitors. My past pursuits include professional photography, which is another creative outlet I continue to truly enjoy. I have the equipment and expertise needed to capture photos and videos that will lead to conversions on your site.

How to start

I would love to discuss your website design project! Just start with filling out this quick web design form so I can get an idea of what kind of questions to ask you and we will schedule a meeting/call.